The Urban Paper Collective are experts in the creation of papertoys of all sizes. We can handle anything, from tiny toys that fit on a postcard to giant structures made of cardboard, and we have a lot of experience producing papertoys for the commercial market. Our papertoys can be found in books, online shops and have been used as promotional material for several well-known brands. The papertoys you can download from this website are free, but our collective (or individual members) are also available for commercial projects. Here’s a list of possible services we provide:

  • Gallery shows: Do you have an upcoming show with a special theme? Let us know and we can create some awesome toys for your show. Or even better, give us an exhibition space and we fill it up with our beautiful creations.
  • Giant Toys: Looking for some live-action? Our freestyle builders can build giant papertoys right on the spot, using big sheets of cardboard. Invite us over and see the toys come to live during the day.
  • Workshops: Want to get active yourself? We also provide workshops, where you can learn the art of designing papertoys yourself.
  • Books/Magazines: Need a papertoy for a magazine? Or do you want to fill a whole book with papertoys? Not a problem. We have already filled many books and magazines with our toys and look forward to fill some more.
  • Promotional Toys: If you want to promote your product, a papertoy is the perfect way to do this. We design papertoys in all shapes and sizes. A flyer, a postcard or simply a PDF that you can download, we do it all.

If you are interested, go to our ‘Contact‘ page and send an e-mail with your request. One of our members will contact you as soon as possible.