What would a toy-community be without it’s very own platform-toy? We didn’t know either so we created this friendly elephant especially for you as a 3-dimensional canvas to totally get jiggy with. Grab your creative programs, your pencils, posca’s, spraycans, glue and precision-knives and poor yourself a drink for you are going to need it: the list of available models is growing and you will want to be part of it! To show off to the world the level of graphic skills you possess or just to see yourself working in a different dimension and have a neat present to hand out to your fans at the same time. Or, if your creative juices are temporarily at a low point, to simply collect them. All!

Call out to artists!
If you want to join the army of E-phriends, just download the blanco DIY template and create you own. If you send us a picture of it built, with it’s and your name and your website-address, we will want to publish it. The photo will hang in our ‘Gallery of Greats!’ and the best ones will even get their own direct download at this immensely popular website, with a link to your website obviously. Be sure you give it your best. Your Elephriend will be yours too, so be free to give it away to all of your friends to help create awareness for the fact the majestic beings that are elephants are endangered to become extinct (!), promote papertoys and let clients know you are not limited to only 2D alone. We think all three are noble goals. Oh, and for the narcisists: we WILL take the Phriends to our exhibitions for you to shine bright all over the globe.



Get your blanco DIY-template now! >>>

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